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  • Universal Input or Output Module
  • TRACE standard input and output pin-outs
  • On/off switch connection
  • 7 x 0.5A relay outputs
  • ‘4-way’ or ‘diagonal’ output operation

The Input/Output Module (IOM) is a simple, yet versatile interface to or from the R-net’s communications bus. Whether the IOM is an Input Device or an Output Device is configurable in the field, without the need of a programmer or any other special tools.

When used as an Input Device, the industry standard 9-way D-type connector can accept 5-switch or proportional inputs, such as TASH wafer or penta devices, or mini-joysticks. There is also a jack socket for connecting to an external on/off switch, typically a Buddy-button.

As an Output Device, the IOM is similar to the Pilot+ ACM, but does include some additional outputs. In total, there are seven relay channels, each rated at 0.5A, and these correspond to each joystick point, as well as the speed and horn buttons on a JSM. The outputs that are controlled by the joystick can operate in either ‘4-way’ or ‘diagonal’ fashions. ‘Diagonal’ means that two outputs will be active if the joystick is displaced in a diagonal way; whereas ‘4-switch’ means that only one output, relating to each of the four joystick directions, can be active at a given time.

It is possible to connect multiple IOMs into a system. For example, one used an Input Device and the other as an Output Device.

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